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Detailing Packages

Deluxe Package - W/ Paint-Polishing

This is the ultimate in our professional detailing packages.

This package includes one full day of enhancing and protecting your automotive investment.


- custom prep wash

- clay bar/decontamination process

- full interior detail

- leather cleaning & conditioning

- ventilation system steam treatment & cabin air filter replacement

- carpet & fabric seat: steam treatment, shampoo and extraction

- interior protection package

- tires, rims & trim (includes rim protection wax)

- windows in & out (Includes hydrophobic window coating on windshield)

-  compound & polishing 

- premium paint sealant application

Starting @ $650.00

Premier Detailing Package

This is our most popular package that customers choose to recondition their vehicle to near showroom condition. 


- custom prep wash

- clay bar/decon process

- tires, rims & trim

- windows in & out

- premium paint sealant

- full interior detail

vinyl deep cleaning + conditioning

- carpet & fabric steam treatment, shampoo and extraction

Starting @ $350.00

Standard Detailing Package

This package is designed to serve as a valuable maintenance service between more thorough detailing appointments

or as an economical entry level detailing package for your budget.


- custom wash process

- spray sealant application

- express interior cleaning & vac

- windows in & out

- tire shine

- new car sent application

Starting @ $225.00

Basic Wash & Vac Package

A customized hand washing process that will keep your vehicle looking its best and help protect its value. 


- custom hand wash process

- surface contaminant removal

- spray sealant application

- express interior vac

- tire shine

Starting @ $100.00

Ultimate Interior Package

A very thorough deep cleaning of your vehicle’s interior plus high-quality conditioners to protect.


- personal item removal

- air purge & thorough blowout

- deep vac & carpet pre-treatment

- vinyl deep cleaning & conditioning/dressing

- door jams deep clean

- leather cleaning & treatment

- steam clean fabric seats

- complete window cleaning in & out

carpet shampoo and extraction (+ stain removal)

new car scent application

Starting @ $200.00


* All Work Done By Appointment

** Ask us about our multi-vehicle discounts

*** Starting prices are for small to medium sized cars

**** Additional charges may apply for excessively dirty vehicles 

***** Wisconsin sales tax added to invoice total (5.5 %)

Credit Card Processing Fee (3 %)